Offers for rent or sale in the trading centre Globo in Minsk city


Shopping centre "Globo" is located at cross roads of Railway and Umansky streets and Dzerzhinsky avenue in the Moscow district of Minsk.

Year of construction 2007, the areas of shops from 30 to 55 sq m, separate electric counters, a parking, sequrity.


Possibility of installation of phone and Internet.

Prospective tenants

Trade any kinds, including home appliances shop, except furniture sale.

Kind of object (profile)Separate trading premises
Total area of 3 trading halls33,2 sq m+33,2 sq m+33,8sq m=100.2 sq. meters
Placing of shops
the 2nd floor

Are offered to rent:

  • the trading hall 1 - 33,2 sq m
  • the trading hall 2 - 33,2 sq m
  • the trading hall 3 - 33,8 sq m

The prices for rent and sale of trading premises are discussed individually!

During the period of setting up the stores in the shopping centre - the rent per month per sq. meter is very low!

If you are interested in this object, please, place your request via the site option «The request for object» and we will contact you.