The trading-entertaining centre in Bobruisk

Architecture and the concept

The new modern trading-entertaining centre will be located at the site of the "Zapadniy" outdoor market which is located in the northern part of the city of Bobruisk on the crossroads of Rokossovsky and 50 years of VLKSM streets.

Included in the shopping centre are will be a grocery hypermarket, boutique zone, entertainment area, food courts (cafe, restaurants, and fast food), as well as branches of various banks and playgrounds for children.

Main characteristics:

Kind of object (profile)The trading-entertaining centre
The land plotabout 1.6 hectares
Total area of the building
15 000 sq.meters
Quantity of floors2
Quantity of car-places
more than 300

The investor: BELARUS HOLDING (Luxembourg) S.à.r.l.

The designer: Gipercomproject, Minsk

Prospective tenants:
  • a food hipermarket from 3 000 sq.meters
  • an entertainment from 2 000 sq.meters
  • home appliances shop: from 1000 sq.meters
  • the goods for the house: from 1500 sq.meters
  • food court: 1000 sq.meters

Currently we are working on detailed plans of floors, cafes, restaurant and other additional premises.

If you are interested in this object, you could place your request via the site option «The request for object». And we will contact you.

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