The trading-entertaining centre in Brest


The trading-entertaining centre will be located on the territory of the demolished buildings of the factory “Svetotron” at 11 Kariernaya street.

The projected building is a modern shopping and entertainment centre with retail and office space, spacious parking, cafes and restaurants. It has three levels.

The combination of a food hypermarket, home appliances store, various boutiques and general stores as well as restaurants, entertaining area, and convenient parking will make the visit to the shopping center not only a place where you come to buy but also a convenient place to spend free time.

Main characteristics:

Kind of object (profile)The trading-entertaining centre
The land plotabout 3 hectares
20 400 sq.meters
GLA15 450 sq.meters
Quantity of floors2
Quantity of car-places
more than 500

The investor: BRISK HOLDING (Luxembourg) S.à.r.l.

Currently we are working on detailed plans of the floors, cafes, restaurant and other additional premises.

If you are interested in this object you could place your request via the site option «The request for object» and will contact you.