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Bobruisk - a regional centre. It is located 110 km from the regional centre of Mogilyov and 130 kilometers from Minsk. Bobruisk – the crossroads of train tracks to Gomel, Mogilyov, Minsk as well as being the crossroad of the motorways from Minsk to Gomel, Mogilyov, Kalinkovichi, Slutsk and Rogatchyov.

Bobruisk today is a dynamically developing, industrial city in middle of a large industrial centre. Territorially the city of Bobruisk is divided into 2 districts: Leninskiy and Pervomaiskiy.

The city industry includes 45 factories of various industries. The chemical and the petrochemical industry takes 66,6 %, engineering industry and metal working - 16,4 %, food - 7,7 %, wood and wood-working - 3,5 %, other lines - 2,4 %. In Bobruisk all of the countries production of car and agricultural tires are located.

Geographical position: Bobruisk and the Bobruisk region is located in the southwest area of the Mogilyov regional district, 110 km from the regional centre and 150 km from Minsk. The region bounds with Rogachevsky, Parichsky, Zhlobinsky regions of the Gomel area as well as Glussky, Osipovichsky, Kirov regions of the Mogilyov area.

The city population: 219.1 thousand people (as off 01.01.2006). The male population is 102.3 thousand people and the female population is 116.9 thousand people. The working population is 143.2 thousand people. Youth between 16 and 30 years include 55.8 thousand people.

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