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Brest located in the southwest of Belarus, an administrative centre of the Brest region. A large railway junction on boundary line with Poland, a close port on the river Muhavets.

Brest is one of the major transport and industrial centers in Belarus. In the city are electromechanica, electric-bulb , gas equipment Brestgazoapparat mills. Other factories include "Cvetotron" (production of microelectronic components), carpet integrated works, clothes production, food , vodka, beer. furniture, construction materials and souvenir plants.

Brest hosts the largest free economic zones in the areas. The largest exporters include "Santa-Bremor" and the Brest dairy Savushkin factory.

The city covers 7290 hectares with 450 streets, 16 bridges and 5 industrial enterprise.

Statistical facts in Brest:

303,3 thousand people
Working Population 65,7 %
Average salaries, BYR (RUR) 602 000 BLR (7038 RUR)
Average income per person, BYR (RUR) 434 670 BLR (5082 RUR)
Dynamics of growth/decline in + 1,3 %

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