Modern business centre in Nemiga street

The future Business centre will be located in the city centre, close to Nemiga street (on crossing of street K.Libknehta and street Gebeleva) on the ground area about 0,5 hectares.

The good transportation systems, central highways and close location to the historical centre of Minsk, railway and metro station will make attractive disposing of commercial companies in the building.

Architecture and design
The Business centre has no main facade, and the architectural shape is solved on means of a combination various on weight, the form, functional saturation of volumes. The formed volume under a building organically flows into environment, creating the general functionally and emotionally sated space. An accent of the building is a glass "block" with smooth outlines serves, it is as though suspended to two massive support which have been combined on the last floor. From northern and an eastern sides the building has the big glass surfaces.

The Business centre has 10 floors. There are several entrances into the building and all of them are located on different levels. On the level of basement and ground floors there is both room for parking and offices.

A restaurant with an 80 seat capacity is located on the ground and the basement floor. Premises for trade are located on grounfloor.

There are various types of office blocks. Offices on the second and the third floors are on 2 levels. It will have two lifts with various dimensions and load-carrying capacity.

The inside plan of the building represents a corridor system with offices and additional premises. The corridors of the 3-10 floors have natural illumination through windows.

The plan of floors were planned in accordance to modern requirements and provides the necessary level of comfort in the basic premises and places of the general using.

As a whole the building has bright shape. The main feature of the building is a visual impression of absence of windows.

The building provides for visitor parking as well as parking space for the workers of the offices and attendants. There are 39 car/places, near the building - 19 car/places, including 1 car/place for transportation of the disabled.

Technical characteristics of building
There are offices, shops and restaurant in the building. The offices will be located between the 2nd and 10th floor.

The trading enterprises provided as a part of shopping centre include two specialized shops with a total area of 165,5 and 63,8 sq.m. The shops are located on the groundfloor.

The investor:
Grizzle Hawk Limited (Cyprus), Ballesta Investments Limited (Cyprus)

The designer: “ProektPrimer” LLC      

Сost of square meter - from 2000 $ 

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