Camp "Chaika"

The reconstruction of the former camp site “Chaika” is located 3 km east from Zhodino on a land plot of 6.6 hectares. The territory is surrounded by the river Plissa from two sides. The land plot has a stretched form 530 meters to the North.

The entrance to the territory of the complex is on the south site. There is parking for 10 parking spaces for parents visiting outside the entrance. There is also a guarded parking for 19 cars on the territory of the camp close to the gatehouse for the staff. The driveway leading to center of the camp is surrounded with trees on booth sides.

The territory of the complex is deleted on three parts which have the following functionality:

  1. Sport and health zone;
  2. Administrative and dwelling zone;
  3. Private zone

1. Sport and health zone (close to the entrance).

This is the zone of active rest and entertainment including a playground, sport grounds, stadium and an ice skating-rink (in winter time). This zone is visually separated from the other parts of complex with the driveway, stands, wooden benches for viewers, and the rehabilitation and health building (a future plan). Similarly not far from there a pet corner with over 500sq.m is being planned.

2. Administrative and dwelling zone (in the middle part of complex). There are the following main buildings:

- Living quarters for 150 people (with inbuilt first-aid post, storage for sporting equipment, kiosk and laundry, etc.);

- dinning room for 130 people;

- assembly hall with 130 seats;

- office building;

- class Rooms

- Rehabilitation and health corpus (in the future).

The above mentioned buildings are situated throughout the developed area that is the geometrical center of the complex. All visual facades are directed to the center of the site. The area will have benches, paths, flower arrangements and various small architectural forms.

3. Private zone (forest part of territory).

In the forest part of the territory there will be bungalows for 76 people as well as a sauna for 14 seats (near by the river). Throughout there will be hiking trails with stops for rest on clearings, bonfire sites, in summerhouses, thong rides. This part of the projects is meant to help financing the children’s camps throughout the year.

The forest area finishes off with the beach on the bank of the river Plissa.

The whole territory of the complex is permeated with terraces, paths for cycling (in summer) and skiing track (in winter) with a length of 900 meters.

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