Strong belief in accomplishing Minsk Mir project within five years

It is necessary to accelerate the implementation of the Minsk City project. Head of the Belarus President Administration Alexander Kosinets set the goal at the business meeting held on 4 February, BelTA has learned. The meeting involved representatives of all the government agencies participating in the development of the territory as well as representatives of the development company and the investor.

Alexander Kosinets reminded that in the past there were plans to use the territory to implement the Minsk City project. In particular, a cultural and business center was supposed to be built in the area by 2020 in addition to residential buildings, the necessary infrastructure, and social facilities. However, the previous investor has managed to erect only several residential buildings. In September 2014 Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko decided in favor of using the area to build the experimental multifunctional complex Minsk Mir. The foreign-owned company Dana Astra and a number of Belarusian companies and organizations are the customers. The investor and the developer have been granted a number of preferences.

The Head of the Belarus President Administration said he believes that the territory can be built on completely within five years. In his opinion, both customers and investors will benefit from it. I want an analysis of the investment contract, a legal evaluation. Why does the investment contract have to cover the span of 15 years? If good finance and proper organization are available, it will be possible to build 1.8 million m2 of housing, noted Alexander Kosinets. There are a number of standard designs for building schools, children daycare centers, and residential buildings in Belarus. In his opinion, the International Financial Center is the only complicated design, which implementation may require more time.

Alexander Kosinets gave instructions to revise the investment contract, the construction timeframe, and do as much work as possible in 2015-2020 for the complex to start generating revenues by 2025.

The Head of the Belarus President Administration criticized participants of the business meeting for the absence of the architectural layout of the project. He said he wants the layout ready by the end of 2015.

We always build a bedroom community followed by social infrastructure: schools, children daycare centers, drugstores, retail outlets, sport facilities, parks, and leisure outlets, noted Alexander Kosinets. He urged to start designing these facilities in the initial phase of the development project. In his opinion, it is also necessary to implement cutting-edge international practices in construction. Alexander Kosinets spoke about the problem of the shortage of vehicle parking space. He said that Minsk should focus on building combined (ground and underground) parking lots for vehicles.

Speaking about the need to relieve the territory from existing buildings, the Head of the Belarus President Administration told those present to keep interests of private individuals in mind. At present about 100 buildings with a population of 15,500 people have to be demolished. Don't offend the people residents, owners of companies, workers, said Alexander Kosinets. He gave instructions to set aside a sufficient volume of financial resources to reimburse the residents, whose homes are to be demolished.

Alexander Kosinets reminded that the airport Minsk 1 will cease to operate by 1 January 2016, the runway will be shut down by the beginning of 2017. The aircraft repair factory that has to be relocated from premises of the airport will have to be reopened by 1 January 2018. The official stressed that in 2015-2017 the airport's territory will have to be released for the sake of building the Minsk Mir complex. Only the airport's terminal will be left standing thanks to its historic and cultural value.

Summing up results of the business meeting, Alexander Kosinets stated that for now the work on the project leaves much to be desired. Your work is in phase zero. You have signed the investment contract but it doesn't work, said the Head of the Belarus President Administration. We need a clear schedule for doing this work. Most of it has to be done within five years. We should grab every opportunity we have. We have sufficient manpower for it, he said.

Alexander Kosinets noted that he intends to hold similar business meetings on a weekly basis starting in March.