Average cost of 1 sq.m on the primary residential market in Minsk is $1660 in July 2014

As thepress service of "Tvoya Stolica"announced, comparing to June 2014 the average price is almost the same.As compared with the begining of the year there are not big buta positive dynamics of the average price per sq.m changing (+2% or $25). According to the newclassification of primary housing the most popular andasked-for among customers is the class "Standard". As compared with June 2014 the average price for new built houses of this class was cut down by 10 dollars US till the level of $1560 per sq.m.Particularly at the end of July 2014, the average price of 1 sq.m for studio flats is $1650, one-bedroom apartments is $1560 and two-bedroom apartments - $1530. There was the least differencebetweenmaximum and minimal price of supply on the market in July 2014 for houses the class "Econom" (30% or $370 per sq.m) per sq.m, the highest - for houses of the class "Comfort" (70% or $1040 per sq.m). For new-buillt houses of the class "Standard" there was the difference between maximum and minimal price of supply on the market is $770 per sq.m.