Beginning of contract conclusion on the residential house in Dzerzhinskogo Av.!

The project declaration of the residential house (1st stage) in Dzerzhinskogo Av., Minsk was published in the newspaper "Zvyazda" on 26 September 2013.

For everyone who would like to participate in the construction of the apartment or offices are offered the following:
  • apartments of 64-72 sq. m for 1350$/sq. m (100% of theinitial instalment), 1400$/sq.m (50% of the initial instalment), 1450$ (30% of the initial instalment);
  • apartments of 81-164 sq.m, two-level apartments for 1300$/sq.m (100% of theinitial instalment), 1350$/sq.m (50% of theinitial instalment), 1400$/sq.m (30% of theinitial instalment);
  • shops and offices on the ground floor with separate entrances for 2500$/sq.m (50% of theinitial instalment);
  • offices on the 2nd floor for 2000$/sq.m (50% of theinitial instalment).